Enter and transform

Make a wish and blow…

Scattering my seeds on the wind. Landing where they may. Taking root if they choose. Dancing with the ever changing wildness of Mother Earth. I wither in captivity. Not suited to the neat little rows of the manicured garden. Bright shining bursts of yellow popping up in the cracks of city cement. No matter how many times you try to pave over us my sisters and I will break free and turn our faces to the sun. We are the way-showers, the trailblazers. In the midst of chaos and darkness as the old paradigm dissolves we hold up our lanterns and say, “Hey! Come on…..over here…..this way”  And we build the dream together.


Are you a visionary who has known since you were a little kid that you were born to do something special, something important? Do you long to make a difference in the world?


The Butterfly Manifesto

We believe that we are the imaginal cells. Deep inside of us we carry the vision for a new way of being in the world just like the imaginal cells inside a caterpillar who carry the vision of the butterfly that she will one day become. We are here on this planet at this time to sing a new world into being and we each hold a unique frequency and vibration that is needed to bring about this transformation.

At first the caterpillar resists these visionary cells and their push for transformation, but eventually, as more and more of the imaginal cells wake up and come together, the caterpillar lets go and completely dissolves into what will become the building blocks for an entirely new creature: the butterfly.

We are committed to creating sacred spaces for our network of imaginal cells where we can share our stories, explore new ideas, experiment with new ways of being and encourage and inspire one another as we conspire to change the world for the better. This work of radical transformation is not for the faint of heart, but when we come together, nothing can stop us from transforming our visions into reality.


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It’s meant to be a reminder of the natural flow of the seasons and a bit of inspiration to help you find your own rhythm in the circle of life. May it be a catalyst to help you reconnect with the wild untamed part of yourself who remembers who you are and what you came here to do. During these changing times, as we are in the process of transforming ourselves and our way of being on Earth, it’s good to step outside of the manicured garden of society’s artificial time table every now and then and explore the wild spaces of nature’s rhythm. In the ever-changing web of life, of which we are a part, there’s a time for dreaming, for planting, for nourishing, for growing, for blossoming, for harvesting and for letting go, a time for doing and a time to just be.

(c) 2020 Alex Kanka-Graves. All rights reserved.